Design & Construction

•  Counterflow and Crossflow designs

•  Wood and fiberglass structure

•  Film or splash fills

•  Proven state of the art components

•  Accelerated schedules are our specialty

•  Extended warranties available

•  Efficient field assembly using experienced Star field crews

•  Engineered fall protection systems used during cooling tower erection

•  Continued technical and service support

•  AutoCAD drawings

•  Comprehensive Maintenance and Operations Manual

   STAR - New Cooling Towers

•  Innovative designs using latest cooling tower technologies

•  Industry leader with over 10,000 towers built to our credit

•  Conservative thermal ratings

•  Long life construction

•  Compact and powerful

•  Proven and reliable

•  Designed for heavy industrial use

•  Simplified maintenance

•  OSHA compliant


Ready to take your cooling tower project from concept to completion?


ASC Series – “Pre-engineered Solutions”

•  Field erected cooling towers for chemical process, large industrial, and air conditioning applications

•  Over 30 models with capacities from 500 to 1,500 tons per cell and flow rates from 1,000 to 10,000 GPM per cell

•  Ideal for accelerated schedules – we can typically begin erections in as little as 6 weeks after project award

*Click to DOWNLOAD our ASC Brochure


Custom Designs and Add Cell Applications

•  Engineering and cooling tower construction meet all special cooling requirements

•  Our practical experience and sound engineering approach bring fresh innovations to the performance features of each custom cooling tower design

•  Counterflow and Crossflow designs available


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