Nozzles & Distribution Piping


Custom fabricated crossflow FRP header systems 24” to 60” diameters. Counterflow fiberglass and PVC header/lateral distribution systems fabricated to meet your project specifications. Star can assist you with pipe system designs and specifications meeting Cooling Technology Institute standards.

Distribution Nozzles - Target Nozzles for Cross Flow Towers

Shepherd Target Nozzles provide better water distribution at various head and flow rates, are longer lasting and fit standard 1-5/8" deck holes. They are engineered to produce maximum uniformity of water dispersion with the minimum vertical distance by deflecting water flow vertically and laterally, offering more available tower height for fill slat installation.

Target Nozzle Screens (not shown) are designed to prevent clogging of the orifice. Manufactured from durable, polypropylene, each injection molded part measures 6" in height by approximately 2.5" in diameter and has a uniform mesh of 1/2" x 1/2". The screens snap directly onto optional tabs on the top of a Shepherd Target Nozzle. The Nozzle Screen Assembly offers an economical solution for protecting expensive components downstream from the cooling tower.

Download Target Nozzle Brochure (PDF)

Crown Nozzles for Cross Flow Towers

Shepherd Crown Nozzles provide better water distribution at various head and flow rates, are longer lasting and fit standard 1-3/4" deck holes. Crown Nozzles, available in standard 3" x 4.6" length size, eliminate the vortex spiral of water thus creating the same consistent uniform diffusion pattern at any height of head.

The improved diffusion plate design is superior in the distribution of water allowing uniform spread in all directions. Lock-in tabs on the telescoping nozzles body allow for ease of installation into the hot water deck. The tabs lock into place only upon insertion of the vortex crown. The vortex crown also provides an anti-clog feature which restricts debris from entering the orifice. The fully interchangeable orifices ranging in size from 1/2" to 1-1/4" diameter snap securely into place allowing for changes in water flows as desired.

Download Crown Nozzle Brochure (PDF)

Square Pattern (SP) Nozzles for Counter Flow Towers

SP Nozzles maximize water contact to the heat transfer media (fill). Water exits the nozzle in a uniform spray of fluidized water particles in a large surface to volume ratio. Unlike nozzles that disperse water in a circular pattern, the SP Nozzles is configured to mirror the footprint of straight sided industrial cooling towers, assuring coverage for all areas of the fill while significantly reducing water shedding on the side, partition and end walls.

With proper installation, the SP Nozzles are pitched to produce overlapping individual sprays from adjacent nozzles. This design, in concert with the engineered spray of uniformly sized water droplets, achieves ideal distribution over the fill and in turn, assures maximum heat transfer within the fill system itself.

Download SP Nozzle Brochure (PDF)

Quick Change Orifice (QCO) Nozzles for Counter Flow Towers

Shepherd QCO Nozzles offer a uniquely designed diffusion plate which provides the uniform water dispersion in all directions necessary to achieve the best results in a counter flow tower design.

This even flow prevents streaming as the water exits the nozzle and ensures sufficient contact with fill media. The 1.5" NPT nozzles feature a large diameter opening to preclude the build-up of silt and to allow the passage of cleaning balls. Combining both economy and quality, the Shepherd QCO Nozzle is a superior performer.

Download QCO Nozzle Brochure (PDF)