Repair & Retrofit

Cooling Tower Repair and Retrofit

Inspection: Star Reconstruction Specialists perform a comprehensive physical inspection of your cooling tower

Analysis: Use of advanced computer modeling establishes the “as built” capability of your cooling tower, along with various predicted performance increases.

Engineering: Utilizing the latest technology available to our industry, Star Reconstruction Specialists identify the optimum component integration for increased cooling capacity.

checkmark Structure refurbishment
checkmark Performance upgrade
checkmark Gear Reducer conversions
checkmark Fan Deck / Hot Water Basin / Louver / Siding Replacement
checkmark Crossflow to Counterflow conversions
checkmark Wood to FRP Conversion specialists

Complete and accurate parts listings

Complete and accurate computerized parts listings allow quick and accurate responses to customers’ needs. STAR specializes in the more difficult repair engineering type projects and provides detailed drawings and designs to complete these projects on time

Complete and accurate parts listings

3D Structural Analysis

RISA FEA + REVIT + AutoCAD 3D design and visualization software allows STAR to design a structural retrofit that will meet project requirements for specified wind and seismic loads.

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