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Stainless Steel Flow Control Valves

Optimize your Cooling Tower’s Performance with the Vari-Flow SS Series Distribution Valve

The “Vari-Flow” distribution valve is a direct replacement valve for all existing crossflow Cooling Tower distribution valves. The “Vari-Flow” SS Series valve is manufactured entirely from 304L or 316L stainless steel and UHMW-PE plastic, eliminating corrosion and maintenance concerns. In addition, the “Vari-Flow” valve features a 30% larger discharge area and 40% reduction in weight compared to conventional distribution valves making it the new industry standard.

Patented Internal Guide and Support System

The “Vari-Flow” valve has been designed with a superior internal guide system that supports the stem and disc throughout its’ full length of travel. The internal “tracking system” provides the support necessary to allow the valve to be used for balancing water flow. Conventional distribution valves wear excessively due to the movement or “chatter” of the stem and disc as they encounter the turbulence of the water flow, requiring costly downtime for repairs or replacement. The “Vari-Flow” valve can be utilized to balance the water flow throughout your Cooling Tower and optimizing its’ performance.

Maintenance Free Operation

Another advantage of the “Vari-Flow” valve is the combination of a stainless steel stem and UHMW-PE plastic bushing which requires no greasing or maintenance. In addition, the bushing assembly replaces easily from the valve exterior, eliminating costly downtime.

Positive Shut-Off

Along with the internal guide system which centers the disc and places the disc surface parallel to the seating face, an improved gasket system allows complete and positive shut-off of the water stream without the persistent leaking associated with conventional valves.

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