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Productivity can suffer due to the limited capacity of permanent cooling towers, especially during the hot summer months. Temporary cooling towers can be used along with your permanent cooling towers to increase capacity and reduce cold water temperatures, keeping productivity at maximum levels.

Two Ways to Provide Supplemental Cooling


The first way to augment cooling tower capacity is by diverting a portion of the hot water from the primary cooling tower, sending it to the rental tower(s) where it is then cooled and re-deposited into the cold water basin of the primary tower.

Our experienced technical sales personnel are equipped with the necessary software to model the performance of the existing tower and precisely determine the amount of augmentation required to achieve the desired results. The water and thermal balance between the primary and rental cooling towers are crucial to achieving the best results.

Our unique elevated water basin can supply up to 14 feet of positive head that allows us to return the cooled water to the basin of the primary cooling tower without the need for additional pumping or the balancing and reliability nightmares that come with operating a dual pumping system.


The second way to provide supplemental cooling is by isolating a particular exchanger or group of exchangers from the primary cooling tower and placing it on a rental tower(s) that is sized specifically to achieve the ideal temperatures.

When a particular exchanger, or group of exchangers, is limited by temperatures and water flow, temporary cooling towers can supply the cool water needed for optimum performance.

This process not only provides benefit to the isolated exchanger(s), but, by reducing the heat load and water flow requirements of the primary cooling tower and pumps, the water temperature to the remaining exchanger(s) is reduced and water flows are improved, achieving a more desirable operating condition.

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