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Splash Fill Systems

C. E. Shepherd Company offers a choice of Splash Fill Slats to fit your needs. Shepherd high quality extruded PVC cooling tower fill slats are designed for both parallel and perpendicular installations, (most common in cross flow cooling tower applications). Rigid and strong, Shepherd Fill Slats are engineered for maximum efficiency with minimum power requirements and designed for installation in Shepherd Fill Slat Hanger Grids.

Gull Wing Fill Slats

Gull Wing Fill, available in 4-inch or 6-inch widths, is our latest and most efficient fill slat offering. The unique design of the Gull Wing Fill effectively addresses two key concepts clearly lacking in the majority of competitive fill slats: span and water bypass. Span is assured with full bearing surface contact between the slat and hanger and a center rib stiffener for increased strength. A unique retainer notch placed at regular intervals creates a space for the hanger grid while providing a full eighth-inch overhang per side to virtually eliminate water bypass.

Thermally, the Gull Wing Fill is a superior offering when compared to other splash fill bars currently on the market. In fact, the author of the MRL Rating Software, a rating program used by the majority of cooling tower companies, states, “Gull Wing Fill installations have never rated short when using MRL original data and comparing the thermal projections to that of the actual field test results”.

Gull Wing Fill, when used in conjunction with Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers, is offered with a 10-year warranty!

Download Gull Wing Brochure

V-Bar Splash Fill Slats

Splash bars manufactured of extruded PVC with either carbon black or titanium dioxide as a UV inhibitor. The fill bar shall be 50 mil (+/- 0.005″) thickness with a uniform hole punch pattern surface to aid in water break-up. Bars should be supported by wire mesh grids a minimum of 24″ on center along the bar length. Splash fill bar type must have at least five (5) years installation history. The fill material is in accordance with CTI Bulletin STD-136 (88).

Plastic clips shall be interlocking to secure fill bars to mesh. Clips shall prevent any movement between the bar and the grid. The clips are to be made of pliable polypropylene and shall not break when bent.

Download V-Bar Brochure

Hanger Grids & Brackets

Time tested Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers deliver longer tower life and virtually eliminate fill support failure. Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers are precision welded wire with uniform grid size and superior corrosion resistance. Hangers are available in galvanized, PVC coated or stainless steel mesh. Standard grids in a variety of gauges, straight or racked, are available and in stock. Custom grids may be made to order. Shepherd’s unique 3″ steel spiral binders may be used to quick connect length drops. As with our hangers, binders are available galvanized, PVC coated or stainless steel.

Hanger Brackets, manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant polypropylene, support Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers making installation faster, easier and more efficient.

Fill Slats & Retainer Clips

Shepherd produces a complete line of high quality extruded PVC cooling tower fill slats designed for parallel and perpendicular installations. Rigid and strong, Shepherd Fill Slats are engineered for maximum efficiency with minimum power requirements. Shepherd Splash Fill Slats are available two configurations, Gull-Wing (4″ or 6″ widths standard) or V-Bar standard 4″ width standard).

Retainer clips manufactured from high quality, virtually unbreakable polypropylene secure the Shepherd Gull Wing or V-Bar Splash Fill slats to Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers mesh. Shepherd Retainer Clips are available for 4″ or 6″ Gull Wing and 4″ V-Bar.

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