Craft Development

STAR provides its’ employees with the training needed to be safe and effective at all times on the job. We support skill development through mentoring, and on the job training.

As a skilled cooling tower craftsperson, you will be the backbone of every project, helping us maintain site safety, protect the environment and keep projects on schedule. You will receive opportunities to gain additional skills that you can use throughout your career with STAR. Many of our supervisors and members of upper management began their careers as craftsperson.

Challenge Yourself at STAR

Exceptional commitment is deep rooted at STAR. Enthusiastic men and women have the opportunity to work on challenging projects side by side with those who embrace innovation and value team achievement.

Playing it Safe

We learned long ago that to build something that will last, you have to put safety first. STAR has an industry-leading safety record, which is just one effect of our deep commitment to our corporate values — every person matters.

Join Our Team

STAR is always seeking talented individuals to join our expanding construction operations.

Current Opportunities


Job Requirements:

  • Texas ID/Texas Address
  • No Convicted Felonies In The Last 5 Years
  • Must be able to pass Drug Screen / Physical
  • Be willing to travel
  • Have Tools – Listed on Tool List (See Application)
  • Basic Plus and TWIC Cards are a plus
  • Need to be able to work on elevated heights of 40 feet or more
Cooling Tower Carpenter and Helpers — Houston, Tx, USA

Job Requirements:

Carpenter/ technician with a minimum of 1 year industrial cooling tower experience. Willing and able to climb at heights in excess of 40 feet using a personal fall arrest system.

Skilled in the following areas:
Pre-fabrication, removal and installation of wooden and fiberglass cooling tower framework structural members. Removal and installation of cooling tower fills and drift eliminators. Removal and installation of fan decking and hot water basin decking along with associated components. Removal and installation of fiberglass walls, louvers and supports. Removal and installation of wood and FRP stairways/ ladders.

Must have tools.