Fiberglass Shapes & DeckinG

Fiberglass Shapes & Decking

Since the mid-1980’s, the cooling tower market has been utilizing pultruded fiberglass products. Pultruded FRP is now recognized as the best structural material for cooling tower construction because it offers:

  • Cost Competitiveness with Traditional Materials (i.e. wood, metal, concrete, etc.)
  • Design Innovations
  • High Strength, Lightweight
  • Corrosion/Rot Resistance
  • Consolidation of Parts
  • Ease of Erection

In reconstruction of existing towers, FRP products are excellent replacements for rot-prone wood beams and columns. FRP parts can be made to the exact wood dimensions if necessary.

Standard Strongwell products such as SAFDECK® are often used to replace traditional materials. The photo above shows SAFDECK® replacing a rotten wood fan deck. Designing FRP to wood connections is also an important consideration in tower renovation.

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