Shield maintenance program

STAR Cooling Tower's

SHIELD — Maintenance Program

Cooling towers serve the vital role of cooling water for plant heat exchange equipment. Maintaining optimum system performance is extremely important. A one- degree increase in water temperature can result in a 2% increase in energy usage, and/or reduced product output. Simple changes inside your cooling tower, such as replacing fouled/ damaged fill, or ensuring even and equal water distribution, will restore lost cooling capacity.

In, the Electrical Generation market, cold water means less fuel consumption and a lower plant heat rate, or more electricity produced, resulting in the ability to meet peak demands. For Oil Refineries and Chemical Processing more efficient cooling improves processing capabilities throughout the facility, resulting in more product production and reduced energy usage.

Star’s SHIELD Maintenance Program is the industry’s most comprehensive inspection and preventative maintenance program, essential in safeguarding the efficiency and lifespan of your cooling tower. Overall thermal performance as our goal, this program is designed to Improve and maintain cooling tower efficiency, increase tower reliability decreasing lost operating hours and extending the life of the equipment, all adding to the profitability of the plant.

The Benefits Of Our Program Include:

  • Our exceptional safety record, at Star Cooling Towers, is a value that exceeds all others
  • All Technicians are highly trained and qualified
  • We achieve successful outcomes with unparalleled expertise
  • Comprehensive physical inspection:

• Fill Media • Water Distribution • Mechanical Equipment • Structural Integrity • Safety Items

  • Preventative maintenance:

• Drive Shaft Alignments • Fan blade pitch adjustments • Gear reducer oil change • Replace Normal Wear Items

  • Distribution cleaning:

• Clean & Flush Header/ Lateral Systems • Clean Hot Water Distribution Basins

  • Detailed inspection reports & preventative maintenance checklists:

• Clearly Highlight Performance • Safety & Reliability Issues in report • Generated bid specifications • Recommended Scope of Repairs with itemized pricing