Amarillo Cooling Tower Fan Drives

Cooling Tower Fan Drives

  • Amarillo Gear Company has a long history of quality workmanship and reliability
  • Complete noise and vibration testing
  • Data taken under full horsepower loading up to 500 hp

Housing and Castings

  • Castings rigidly designed and constructed to absorb internal and loads
  • Gearcase manufactured to assure permanent alignment of bearings and gears under load
  • All Casing materials are gray iron for effective noise and vibration mitigation
  • All mating castings are sealed using “formed in place” gasket material which eliminates “weeping”
  • Gear cases are pre drilled with pilot holes to assist dowel pin installation

Helical & Spiral Bevel Gears

  • All spiral bevel gears are precision machined from nickel alloy steel, case hardened and lapped in pairs
  • Helical gears are case hardened and precision ground to provide low-noise, low vibration operation


  • All bearings are roller type bearings
  • Fan shaft thrust bearing is designed to carry all loads imposed by the fan
  • Bearings maintain 100,000 hours L10 life
  • Sized to meet or exceed the minimum life requirements of AGMA and CTI

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Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Also, see Horsepower & Thrust Rating.

*Design features and ratings are in accordance with, or exceed, the minimum requirements of AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) and CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) standards.

Quiet Operation

  • Quiet operation of the Amarillo Gear Drives is achieved through careful design and controlled manufacturing methods of components
  • Test results collected in our state-of-the-art test facility prove that our sound levels are the lowest available in the industry

Shaft Seals

  • Both the input and output shaft openings have dual spring-loaded, single-lipped type seals to keep outside contamination from entering the gearbox
  • Output shaft has a labyrinth-type plate directly mounted to the shaft to triple protect the gearbox from contamination


  • Oversize slinger on the input shaft provides adequate lubrication
  • Continuous circulation of oil to all bearings
  • Double reduction units can also be supplied with a positive displacement bi-directional oil pump
  • A permanently mounted oil sight level gauge is provided on all units to provide direct visual determination of oil level

Service Openings

  • Large inspection plate facilitates periodic inspections
  • Ports for oil fill, oil drain and venting are tapped and located for installation of remote service piping when desired

Low Speed Operation & Shafting

  • For operation when motor speeds are less than 450 rpm, single reduction fan drives require Amarillo Gear’s exclusive “Low Speed” option
  • Shaft extension surfaces for gears, bearings, input coupling and fan hub are precision ground

Optional features

  • Special output shaft extensions
  • Backstops (anti-windmilling)
  • Oil level switches
  • Oil heaters & thermostat
  • Oil temperature switches
  • Spot-face/drill & tap for vibration transducers
  • low speed options

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