Splash Fills

Cooling Tower Splash Fill

Splash Fill Systems:

C.E. Shepard Company Splash Fill Slats Benefits

  • Parallel and Perpendicular Installations
  • Rigid and strong applications

Gull Wing Fill Slats

  • Available in 4 inch or 6 inch widths
  • Span and water bypass identification

Span is assured with full bearing surface contact between the slat and hanger and a center rib stiffener for increased strength. Water bypass-A unique retainer notch placed at regular intervals creates a space for the hanger grid while providing a full eighth-inch overhang per side to virtually eliminate water bypass

V-Bar Splash Fill Slats

  • Splash bars made of extruded PVC with carbon black or titanium dioxide
  • Fill bar is 50 mil (+/- 0.005″) thickness with a uniform hole punch pattern surface
  • Supported by wire mesh grids a minimum of 24″ on center along the bar length
  • Materials in accordance with CTI Bulletin STD-136 (88)

Hanger Grids & Brackets

  • Hangers are precision welded wire
  • Uniform grid size and superior corrosion resistance
  • Variety of material options
  • Customized grids can be made to order

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