We Care about our Employees

Posted by: Tammy Ramos | General

Thorough Training 

We are staunch advocates of employee education and training. The foundational element to our success in the cooling tower industry is our unwavering commitment to our employees. For every employee, we make sure they are equipped with the most pertinent information to execute their jobs with diligence and precision. When thorough training is a priority, workers feel confident in their abilities to provide you with the best possible service. 

Commitment to safety T.E.A.M.

In addition to thorough training we pride ourselves on cultivating an environment where safety protocols are followed rigorously. The procedures we follow are aligned with proven safety practices that ensure workplace accidents are virtually nonexistent. We uphold our commitment to safety by following the T.E.A.M. approach outlined below:

  • Training: Proactive training programs available to all employees
  • Empowerment: Everyone has the authority to say ‘NO’ to unsafe conditions
  • Action: We are committed to taking the steps necessary to protect our people, and to the continuing challenge of improving our safety system
  • Motivation: Making sure that everyone goes home safe each day remains our primary motivation – above profit, above schedule, above all else

Fall Protection Plan

Our Fall Protection Plan meets OSHA regulations and is developed by a qualified professional engineer. Also, ladder systems are secured to the internal cooling tower apparatus with a retractable lifeline installed. The lifeline provides safety security for workers who are traveling up and down the cooling tower framework.

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