Lumber & Plywood

Lumber & Plywood

Structural Redwood and Douglas Fir

STAR can supply you with structural Redwood, Douglas fir, and plywood. We can provide treatment certification, assay, and core samples to ensure treatment retention. STAR can also provide MOE testing and certified grade stamping on all Structural redwood and Douglas fir members.

Splash Box Assemblies, Louver Supports, Fill Hanger Supports

STAR can fabricate components for most OEM towers from hot water basins to louver arm supports. Some of the common components are in stock. We fabricate hot water basin decking, pipe saddle supports, walkway components, and tongue & groove fan deck redwood.

Grid Decks, Redwood and Douglas Fir Lathe

STAR can fabricate Redwood grid decks and splash decks used for cooling tower packing. We also can supply Redwood and Douglas fir lathe for splash fill re-packs.

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